Licence for use of photographs for a principally non-commercial public event with implicit releases.


This is the Photographer’s licence to the client and festival/event curator/organiser and contributors to use and permit use of accredited images for promotional, archive and editorial purposes worldwide in perpetuity. The photos can be changed provided their content remains substantially the same.


For commercial use or other extensions to this licence please contact the photographer: info @ effort and

Required credit

Please credit where technically possible.

Please include this information in the credit in way that works with your house style;

Copyright Andrew Downs  / 

Release notes


signs were posted at the venue by the event organisers warning attenders the event was being photographed;

or those appearing in photos were known to the event organisers, aware they might be photographed and could have asked not to be included in photos but have not;

or gave consent for themselves or minors they were in charge of to be included.

The photographer has not sought any further specific permissions or consents. The venue administration is involved with the organisation of the event. Any required property releases are considered implied in the commission of the photography.



Licence version

Updated 29 March 2014